Corina Saphyre

Xenoarchaeologist & Historiographer


Corina Saphyre is a scion of lesser but prosperous noble house.
Though half-way through her just century Corina possess the appearance of being in the beginning of her young adult life. She is of average height with soft brown eyes and light brown hair.
She tends to wear elegant attire when aboard the ship and more practical equipment when in the field.
She is the only explorer of the Cornucopia not to routinely carry armaments.


Saphyre is a scion of the noted Willinea Noble house.
She studies under some of the best private tutors that money could buy, including the wide-acclaimed Dr. Aringirol. She later graduated from some of the most prestigious legal universities with specialty in xenos languages and cultures.

Though Sapphyre was a natural talent with accompanied several noted expeditions around Calixis and even into the Koronus Expanse her reputation was tarnished when she become affiliated with an Inquisitorial affair involving proscribed xenos artefacts and members of the Amaranthine Syndicate.
She was found innocent but her career was almost ruined and practically no expeditions would take up her services.
She was eventually recruited by members of the then fallen Cornelius line and has remained with the crew of the Cornucopia ever since.

Corina Saphyre

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