James Leonard Black

Excommunicated Inquisitor


185cm, 58kg, 104 years old. Pale skin, looks very undernourished and thin. Has sharp facial features, and long, dark grey, greasy hair. Usually looks very tired, grumpy and harmless, but sometimes become very energetic to and almost hyped and psychopathic state. Usually wears a storm cloak hiding his worn down clothing. In combat his normally wears his newly acquired power armor, and is armed with an arsenal of dangerous tools and weapons. James Leonard black often wears a sinister and fleshy looking mask, of xeno orgin, to hide his true identity.



James Leonard Black is a former inquisitor severing the Calaxin Conclave. Under his service in his the inquisition he acquired a number of unusually injuries, including radiation damage killing him slowly and shortened lifetime due to hrud presence. After many years of service he started to use darker methods to accomplish his goals, but was unfortunate compromised and deem excommunicated by his former colleague Callidia Meta.

Mental state

James Leonard Black has after many years of service in the inquisition and other trials become mentally unstable to the point where he should be lock away for good. He has lost all sense of moral, suffering from hallucination, schizophrenia, manio depressive and number of other diseases. Though extremely intelligent to the point that you cannot know if his genius or a madman, he is awfully parochial, careless of his surroundings and makes your average narcissist, look like saint.


James Leonard Black has lost all his faith in gods and everything otherworldly and think they is a perfectly normal and scientific explanation to any phenomena. Since his radiation damage he has been obsessed with finding a cure, but has been so far unsuccessful.
However, excommunicated from the imperium he still shares a large point of beliefs with the imperium including and distrust in anything but humans and a hatred for the otherworldly.


James Leonard Blacks mother died right after his birth. At an age of 10 he killed his own father in vengeance for leaving him and his mother to rot in the lower hive of Sibulus. Throughout his long career in the inquisition he has had number of wives and girlfriends all dead by other or his own hands. He also fathered 2 children. His oldest child tried to stop him in his evil deeds, but sadly was killed by his father. His youngest child, he send away to the scholar progneium, because he did not think he was capable of raising a child.

James Leonard Black

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