Mithras Alkonane

Fallen noble half daemonic warrior.


Mithras Marken Alkonane:
190cm, 80kg, 31 years old, looks 29. He is Caucasian, has noble features with sharp silver eyes, long silver hair tired in a thin pony tail. He is tall and athletically build and is normally seen in his white suit with a fandora hat. In combat he dones a black long coat with enough freedom of movement to be pratical and still stylish. For armament he carries a sleek single egded sword of fine craftmanship and a master detailed golden laspistol.

in his daemonic form he becomes more muscular and his features distorts into a more daemonic feral look. He gains unnaturally large and sharp teeth and his eyes turns to crimson. His hands transforms into large claws and his hair turns to a deep bronze. his sword also undergoes change. From its sleek metalic look it turns to a deep blue crystal with jagged edges and a purple glow.

also he can then do pyromancy… which is nice.


Born on Malfi Mithras was raised by Lord Romeo Alkonane, a close friend of his mother Julia Marken after her unjust death at the hands the Inquisition. He grew up alongside Lord Alkonane’s daughter Cordelia, in a quiet tutored area, away from the politics of Malfi. The two children quickly formed a brother-sister bond showing kindred spirits and working well together.

At the early teenage years Mithras showed himself to be a natural in the art of sword fighting, a quick thinker and gifted with person charm. Being Malfian nobles both him and Cordelia had their fair share of training both in combat and in more intellectual arts, so with the good intension of help out their house economic crisis they dabbled into the smuggling of Xenos artifacts without their father’s consensus. For years they travelled all over the Calixis Sector and into the Koronus Expanse, meeting with pirates, mercenaries, lawmen, rouge traders and a few times also live xenos. Through training, skill and pure luck they not only survived but thrived in their new lifestyle.

Though an encounter with an artifact of the extinct Yu’vath species on an unnamed planet turned out to have unexpected consequences. The artefact was a sword like creation that was split in two upon the touch of the nobles, the larger part being the same sword Mithras carries to this day. It warped and distorted them into beings neither fully creatures of the warp but no longer fully human either.

It was not until the untimely appearance of the inquisition mere hours after their return to Malfi that revealed the extent of their transformation. With unnatural feats of strength and toughness they both escaped the claws of the inquisition but their father, Romeo Alkonane was killed in the attack. They sought refuges with a cell of the Brotherhood of Horned Darkness and at first were welcomed with interest and hospitality but latter found nothing but dark machinations and cruelty. They destroyed the cell and tried to flee off Malfi but were detained by the Inquisition, Cordelia being killed and Mithras being captured and transferred to the Chains of Judgement. The subsequent escape to the Screaming Vortex saw him joining forces with James Leonard Black, Atila Hastus, Selina “Talon” and the Chaos Space Marine Crull together forming the Black Circle.


Mithras is a cheerful, carefree and friendly young man, completely at odds with his daemonic nature and most of his companions in the Black Circle. His transformation has done little to change his mood or personality, for though it warped his body and soul his mind remains entirely human. He sees the change more akin to a blessing then a curse and enjoys the new limitation on his life with a desire for adventure and to test himself.

An individual of a very social nature Mithras enjoys being around others, conversing and helping out. Because of the loss of his entire family, both real and adopted, Mithras is quite protective of the people he cares about. He has little desire to hurt those he perceives as innocent, though still has no qualm with killing those he sees as enemies.

He prides himself on his prowess in battle and often spends long hours training with other members of the Black Court. Though fearsome in battle Mithras is not a warmonger without wit and though he likes a challenge, he often tries to talk his way out of trouble.

Though fascinated by the warp and its many wonders and dangers he is mostly unconcerned with the lure of the Chaos Powers themselves, and in many ways retains many of the views of the Imperium, but do to his carefree attitude does not feel bound by them.

Mithras Alkonane

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