Persephone Kaelisia



Persephone Kaelisia “Cornelia” is a young woman in her apparent 20 years of age.
She is of average height and slender build with fairly long rich dark hair and deep, sapphire blue eyes.
She usually wears light armour and simply clothing that allows freedom of movements, most often a body glove, sometimes supplemented by slightly heavier armour like a flak vest if she expects to enter combat.
Displaying an impressive affinity and versatility for one so untrained Persephone is fairly skilled with a blade and an accomplished marksman. She usually carries a combat knife and light range weapon, often a pistol and a carbine or light rifle.


Persephone’s past is littered with ancient mystery.
She was discovered as nothing more than a baby, alive in the arms of a dead woman sealed in sarcophagus of alien design deep within a mysterious world in the depths of the Koronus Expanse.
Since her discovery she grown with a rate of almost four years per month, reaching the equivalent of a twenty-year-old in just over five months, at which point her growth apparently stopped for no explanation.
Her names comes from the symbols on a strange bracelet she had around her hand that, although not in Gothic can be mysteriously read by anyone into the words “Persephone Kaelisia”
Having no knowledge of the circumstances of how she was found Persephone has taken to learning her about her new life. She seems to pick up information and skills with a surprising alacrity as if to compensate for her short childhood.
Persephone has been taken in be the ranking explorers of the Cornucopia, and is even considered a possible, if by no means certain, heir to the Cornelius Dynasty itself.
Persephone herself does her best to live up to the examples of her surrogate family and trains hard to assist them when she can.

Persephone Kaelisia

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