Selina "Talon"

Darkness-Tainted Heretic


Selina Terrilian Belasco “Talon” is a tall and slender young woman of extraordinary sirenic beauty and allure.
She has the fit, lithe and willowy build of dancer with enticingly graceful movements to match. Selina’s face is slim with the sharp, harmonious features and cunning expression associated with the Terrilian family line. Particularly noticeable is her beguiling, amber-golden eyes and her long, sleek, glossy hair which is the colour of midnight.
Though she is as comfortable in a sleek, noble, ball-gown as she is with military uniform, adept robes or a multitude of other attires that match her chosen guise Selina prefers to wear a close-fitting black body-glove.
As a distinctly dangerous heretic with a taste for the exotic Selina often carries weapons of alien manufacture, her favourites being a Koronus ghost sword and a Slaught riper ray.


The child of a union between members of the Taine Dynasty and the Belasco noble house Selina was a manipulating villain ever since her childhood, lying and twisting truths and falsehoods to her own ends while weaving a malicious web of favours, threats and blackmail around herself and everyone she knew.
Always having a lust for personal power the young scion’s ruthlessness in achieving it often made her elders compare her with such figures as ancient Koba.
Even in her young adulthood she was swooping through the deadly political intrigue of Malfi like a bird of prey, earning her the moniker “Talon”. So skilled was she at this game that at the age of twenty-one she managed to manipulate an inquisitorial acolyte cell into striking against her political enemies.

Though Political power did not satisfy her and she began exploring more esoteric aspects of power. Becoming fascinated by her heritage from the ancient Terrilian line, Selina began exploring the heretical in the form of occult, xenos and daemonic power. Though unlike her cousin who ruled the Taine Dynasty, Selina showed no restraint or hesitation in her pursuit of dark power, only her keen mind and natural skills allowed her to remain beyond the sight of the Inquisition.
During her young adult years Selina left her home on several dark sojourns of which her family knew nothing except the fact that each time she returned she seemed a little bit different. Unlike other who might have wasted and withered away after being touched by whatever darkness she encountered, Selina seemed somehow younger, stronger and more alive with each journey.

Eventually her dark pursuits became too much for even her family to endure or conceal, and she was betrayed to the Inquisition.
Despite killing several acolytes as she fled, she was eventually hunted down and captured. She was sent to the prison ship Chains of Judgement for interrogation and execution. There she awakened from cryo-stasis to find herself one of few survivors of a calamity alongside the heretics James Leonard Black, Mithras Alkonane and Atila Hastus, and the Accursed Astartes Crull, all of whom she joined forces with in order to escape. Since then Selina has been a willing part of the Black Circle.


Selina Talon as a naturally shrewd, secretive and patient individual. She is a supporter of scheming and planning, though she put equal, if not more, worth on ingenuity, initiative and spontaneity and prizes the ability to think quickly on ones feet.
Selina most noticeable personality trait is perhaps her fascination with the allure of power, the esoteric and the exotic.
Talon is drawn to darkness but she cares little for the pull of Chaos, viewing it as little more than a cosmic honey-trap, albeit one of immense power. One of her few saving graces being her unwillingness to sacrifice her freedom to others for the sake of power, and entering only into a deal when she knows she remains her own master afterwards.

Though a generally optimistic, positive and enthusiastic person, Selina is malicious with little regard for anyone she does not consider of value to herself or any cause she may partake in. Though she still takes great delight in playing them around her fingers and honeyed words.
Likewise her play-and-discard attitude towards others and the lack of real support she has ever received in return has kept her from developing truly trusting, dedicated or emphatic relations with any companions she has ever had, saving loyalty to herself first and foremost.

Selina "Talon"

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