Silas O'Connor


186 cm, 84 kg, muscular. Silas most noticeable feature is his tattoos, most of his body is covered with a beautiful artwork of several imperial saints. He is normally well dressed in noble clothing, but when on mission and tasks he usually wears his flack west and adventure attire. He is normally accompanied by at least one of his agents, the secretive Watsons.



Silas O’Connor’s past is a mystery. In year 800, he awoke in a prison cell, captured for reasons he did not know. During his time on the prison world he learned the way of criminals and adapted his personality to live among such men. Lost and confused, he sought redemption through prayer and by following the imperial creed. At some point he was detected, forgiven and recruited by a priest named Malcador. Taking Silas under his wing and training him to work as a prime agent. Silar worked for Malcador by seeking holy artefacts, delivering important information, helping in Ecclesiarchy politics and poison and assassinating people who were standing in his master’s way. Eventually Malcador released Silas from his service and said that he had now been redeemed for his sins, and he should try to seek out his past.
After this Silas was lost again but he then gained a vision he believed could be from none other than Saint Drusus himself, telling him that he should seek out a man named Zakrow Cornelius and help him in his quests. Only this way will he get to know his mysterious past. Ever since Silas has worked tirelessly Lord Cornelius, thinking that he will help in his quest to discover his past.


Silas O’Connor is quiet and observant man. He do no say much unless spoken to. Sometimes he can seem cold and unemotional. Truly is very zealous and religious man who is on the step to actually be fanatical. Most of his action is taken from pure logic, but sometimes he believes that he gains vision through session where he pumps veins and lungs full of obscure drugs that makes him hallucinate. These visions can make him act irrational and even like lunatic if that is what his saints say to him.


Silas O’Connor has an extensive list skills. Firstly and mainly he is the leader of the Cornelius Dynasty shadow operation, and have thereby earn the title Sherlock. The Sherlock is capable of preforming assassination, stopping riots, gain information and making problems disappear in a numbers of ways that should not mention. Besides being the Sherlock, Silas O’Connor is trained to move fast and quickly through unknown terrain like a scout or a navigator. He also trained in different numbers of martial arts and have through his work learned to handle a long rifle to take his enemies out from a distant. Silas is also a very capable pilot and hold is plane “The Millennium Eagle” very dear.

Silas O'Connor

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