The Crimson Key

Chaos Relic


Also know as the Tear of Blood, the Scarlet Stone of Forsaken Paths, and the Forgotten Hope.

It takes the form of a small tear-shaped ruby about the size of a child’s fist. It is said glow with an unearthly light when held by a true Child of Chaos.


Legends tell of the ancient Chaos Champion by the name of Amaphoran.
The myths about this champion are many and varied with few things known, even Amaphoran’s gender is a mystery.
Some claim that he was a great warrior of unbeatable combat prowess, others say that she was a mighty sorcerer with power and knowledge rivaling that young gods and many others claim differently yet.
There are though a few facts which seems to remain consistent between the many varied tales.

It is said that Amaphoran was one of the first “Champions of Kaos” in the Vortex, or one of the first Champions of Chaos, period. That he or she was a favoured child of the three Chaos Gods themselves, and wore their mark of power.
Amaphoran’s powers and deeds were legendary and said to reach between the Stars and that both mortal and daemon alike swore their fealty to him/her. Most legends agree that Amaphoran was more than a mere mortal, with some going to far as to say that he/she became one of the mightiest champions of Daemonhood.
However, one thing that all the stories agree on is that alongside his/her most faithful followers Amaphoran supposedly sought out some long forgotten place where he/she battled an ancient foe whose identity has long ago been lost to myth. After an epic battle the likes of which had not been seen since the War of the Gods the unknown foe killed Amaphoran and ripped out his/her still-beating heart.
And on the brink of death Amaphoran cried a single tear of blood.
The champion’s followers is said to have taken the crystallized tear back with them as they fled.

The legends whisper that in the hands of a True Child of Kaos the tear, known now as the Crimson Key, could be used to find Amaphoran’s still-beating heart and unlock his or her powers.

The Crimson Key

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