The Calixian Conclave

The Inquisition: The “Left Hand of the Emperor” that fights the threat from Within, Without and Beyond

  • Aegult Constantinides Caidin: Supreme High Inquisitor of the Calixian Conclave
  • Anastasia Corona: High Inquisitor Lord of the Ordo Xenos
  • Caelon Borealis: High Inquisitor Lord of the Ordo Hereticus
  • Ficarum Crux: High Inquisitor Lord of the Ordo Malleus
  • Silas Marr : Inquisitor Lord. Obsessed with the Haarlock Legacy

Amalathians: Believes in Stability, Preserves the Status Quo

  • Hephaestos Grudd: Ordo Malleus lord Inquisitor (Deceased)
  • Lukas Kong Fuzi: Inquisitor-Lord, Recovered a Holy Relic, Divination Psyker, had three disciples
  • Quate’maz Knael: Ordo Xenos Lord Inq. Author of the “Black Grimoire”, investigator of the Slaught (Deceased)
  • Acherus: Ordo Hereticus
  • Archtulus: Developed the Verispex in collaboration with the Adeptus Arbites (Deceased)
  • Augustine DuNoir: Apprentice of Herrod, fell from grace and disappeared in the Mandragora Sector (Disappeared)
  • Augustine Mordecai: Ordo Xenos
  • Barzano: Very stout Amalathian
  • Calith Nonoro: Ordo Hereticus, involved in the “Night Cult” affair, maybe turning Radical (Disappeared)
  • Callidia Meta: Ordo Xenos, friend of Fadec, Cassiopeia, Tullia, Kasir, Kaede & Nepon (The PCs Mentor)
  • Elia Thoth: Inquisitor-Castellan of Malfi
  • Evan Balliol: Killed by Arch-Heretek Malygris (Deceased)
  • Galbus Heer : Ordo Malleus Daemonhunter
  • Glavius Wroth: Famous Inquisitor, head of a large network with many connections
  • Heraclion Theos : Writer of the “Acolyte Letters” or “Teachings of the Calixian Acolytes” (Deceased)
  • Herrod: Disappeared, sponsored nine Inquisitors, Meta amongst them, Lathe Blades (Disappeared)
  • Joseph Fadec: Witch Hunter, less aggressive, ancient and wise
  • Kakia Kalista: Inquisitor interested in legends and prophecies
  • Karkalla: Killed by the Heron Mask on Quaddis (Deceased)
  • Kell Odyss: Disciple of Inquisitor Lukas, Pyromancer, destroyer of the Dismal Disciples
  • Layvan: Ordo Xenos. Investigated the Beast House. (Deceased)
  • Linetta Res: Ordo Xenos investigates Port Wander
  • Lyra Cassiopeia: Disciple of Inquisitor Lukas, Telekine, revealed the Cardinal of Lo’s heresy
  • Marcus Tullius Cicerone: Charismatic Rhetorician and Orator
  • Ocean Nauton: Ordo Xenos, possess a starship called The Trident, operates with Rogue Traders
  • Octus Enoch: Famous member of the Scholariate at Arms, extensive acolyte network
  • Orion Orestes: Ordo Hereticus, fair-minded, takes great efforts in the Amalathian creed
  • Osbad Teyn: Ancient Inquisitor that fell to the worship of Tzeentch and became Carta Extremis
  • Purusha (Lady Purusha): Subtle, sworn to protect, often passes as advisor, builds informants nets
  • Sajinavus: Convenor of the Third Tier
  • Srax-Rhame: Focused principally on the logicians, nearly obsessed
  • Thor-Malken: Old and grizzled inquisitor, obsessed with law enforcement
  • Tullia Cicerone: Ordo Xenos, Daughter of Marcus Tullius Cicerone
  • Taarn: Ordo Xenos, fights xenos, sometimes uses them
  • Veina Kalypso: Ordo Sicarius, Unknown purpose in Calixis
  • Xerxes: Inquisitor of Inquisitor Herrod (Deceased)

Thorians Believes in the second coming of the Emperor

  • Abigayle Cruz: Raised to the rank of Inquisitor by her “long-dead” father, and denounced him
  • Artanyan: Ordo Xenos, is aggressively striking against the Cold Trade near the Koronous Expanse
  • Augustus: Works with Ecclesiarchy, enemy of the Temple Tendency
  • Doniss: Scourge of Zakkon City
  • Drahc Ireel: Works often with the Adepta Sororitas
  • Joshua Starkh: Student of Inquisitor Marr (Deceased)
  • Juno Thora: Investigator of the Space Hulk the Eye of Darkness (Deceased)
  • Kasim Kasmir Kasir: Ordo Xenos, Controlling a vast network of operatives
  • Khasulon: Said the phrase “Trust no one, not even yourselves”, before dying (Deceased)
  • Lansraack Serephus XII: Seeks corruption in the nobility, believes that “A fish rots head down”
  • Lystug: Fought a Daemon Prince of Nurgle with the help of Sororita Hospitallers
  • Maganon: Young, new inquisitor honest and driven
  • Malefica : He and his cadre is after the creator of a Psy-plague
  • Markus Eddards-Konnor: Daemonhunter who fought in the war of Brass (Deceased)
  • Oranno Helgaer: One of the influential of the Thorians, old and experiences, very Thorian
  • Sagiron Totuah: Promising inquisitor, killed and turned into a daemonhost by Inquisitor Gorefell (Deceased)
  • Sefidi: Senior Inquisitor
  • Tannenberg: Paranoid, “dislikes” psykers and mutants
  • Terra Cynthia: Very driven puritan has succeeded in several denunciations
  • Tyson Kalladran: Denouncer of the Iconoclast Destroyer, hates pirates
  • Uther Macklon: Is a man of the people, often uses the people as support
  • Vilane: Very active in the field, leads by example, has encountered Tau in Jericho

Monodominants: All Unclean must be purged

  • Ghankus Dhar: A Master of the Council, Militant, Proctor of the Scholariate at Arms
  • Chariol Nihilus: Ordo Xenos Lord Inquisitor
  • Okonawk: Inquisitor Lord, slew his former master Inquisitor Lord Khazul
  • Atticus Nepon: Ordo Malleus, Relatively mild for a Monodominant
  • Augustine Mordecai: Ordo Xenos, active, knows something of how deadly xenos can be
  • Dylhin: Bloodwrath Incident (Deceased)
  • Erya Nephthys: Reader of the “Dismal Texts”, Excommunicate Traitoris (Deceased Thrice)
  • Gard Justarcker: A very grim inquisitor who knows neither forgiveness nor pity
  • Garielle: Is very open and none-subtle with her work
  • Grundwald: Ordo Xenos, despises aliens with a passion
  • Hruskell Charlan: Mentor of the “Lost acolytes”, killed by the Unknown Heretic (Deceased)
  • Javid Donzon: Fair if very unyielding, Ordo Hereticus
  • Krand: Old senior inquisitor, experienced but “Old-fashioned”
  • Maul Harkness: Ordo Malleus, Exorcist
  • Mordant Crimson: Hash and remorseless, Ordo Hereticus, “The bloody Brand”
  • Morndark: Witchfinder, Psyker, is moving close to “the Line”
  • Quillentius: Ordo Hereticus
  • Rhaea Palentine: Strong tie with the Ecclesiarchy, especially the Redemption, “Cleanse and Purify”
  • Saffena Sengir: Hate mutants be they twists, psykers or navigators
  • Sennacherib: Witch Hunter, Ordo Hereticus, enemy of Calith Nonoro
  • Tyrus: Witch Hunter, Monodominant to the bone
  • Valour Priam: Related to Deacon Priam

Istvaanians: Strength through conflict.

  • Khazul: Inquisitor Lord, former master of Okonawk (Deceased)
  • Alhain: Co-founder of the Blighted Schola (Deceased)
  • Amaros: Ordo Xenos, creator of the Trygor Xeno Plague and the Mara landing massacre (Disappeared)
  • Ark-Ashtyn: Legendary Inquisitor, discoverer of the Mara-Strain Psychneuein (Deceased)
  • Cydan: Beautiful and Charismatic Inquisitrix, interested in Hax, pupil of Whitlock
  • Hastur Whitlock: Obsessed with Halo Devices, tutor of Cydan (Disappeared)
  • Helena Nephren: In “The Red Wake” adventure, Ordo Hereticus
  • Eistus Gracker : Dislikes the inquisitorial discord
  • Ignis Xerxon: Ordo Xenos, have several xenos as well as other “inhuman” acolytes
  • Nihul: Co-founder of the Blighted Schola (Deceased)
  • Runicar Temptos: Ordo Hereticus
  • Slake: Pupil of inquisitor Olianthe Rathbone (Deceased)
  • Vallax: Recruited an elite cadre of 70 arbitrators to cleanse the Adrantis for criminality
  • Vechhorte: Istvaanian of firm belief

Recongregators: The Imperium is corrupt and stagnant, must change

  • Bastus Slado: Inhumane, everything to get the job done.
  • Estarz: Co-founder of the Blighted Schola (Deceased)
  • Danion Duke: Very focused on the Recongregator creed, less focused on fighting heresy
  • Fabius Torn: Powerful Psyker
  • Halk: Present on Misery IX during Tyrant Star visit
  • Laschia: Believes firmly in the Recongregator doctrine
  • Lhor: Ordo Xenos, drawn to Calixis because of the Tyrant Star
  • Lucius Fulcio: Powerful & cunning Recongregator, firebrand of the Ordo Hereticus
  • Lydon Tan: Associate of Silas Marr (Deceased)
  • Simion: Co-founder of the Blighted Schola (Deceased)

Xanthites: Turn the weapons of the enemy against him

  • Angelique De Falk: One of the most famous Calixian Inquisitors (Deceased)
  • Kobras Aquairre: Lord Inquisitor & Rogue Trader (Disappeared)
  • Eustis Ionfel: Lord-Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus (Deceased)
  • Bellas “The Elder”: Inquisitor from the Scholariate at Arms, the Bloodwrath Incident (Deceased)
  • Dagon Caligo: Horusian, former disciple of Inquisitor Lukas, Telepath & Sorcerer
  • Draven: Young and driven Xanthite
  • Felroth Stasius Gelt: Author of the Creature Anathema, Disappeared from known space (Disappeared)
  • Golgol: Infamous Xanthite radical. Associate of Harkess
  • James Leonard Black: Pupil of Inquisitor Herrod, Denounced by Inquisitor Meta (Disappeared)
  • Kol Shek: Infamous Inquisitor, “co-writer” of the “Black Grimoire”
  • Kul Harkess: Possibly the most feared Xanthite in Calixis today
  • Lichenstein: Very persistent inquisitor, has had six trials
  • Natius Osrinn: Disappeared from known space (Disappeared)
  • Nunnis: Author of the Ruminations on Damnation (Suppressed) (Deceased)
  • Phibes: Known Xanthite, investigated and revealed the Phaenonites (Deceased)
  • Pyrha Pandora: Interested in ancient artefacts especially of warp-related origin
  • Radion Gorefell: Turned inquisitor Totuah into a daemonhost, denounced by Inquisitor Black (Deceased)
  • Requis Corina: The first to fight the Pilgrims of Hayte
  • Selech: Killed by his own Daemonhost Kapeth-Chem (Deceased)
  • Silvanus Titan: Powerful psyker and dabbler of dark arts (Disappeared)
  • Xanthia Cornelia: Fairly new Inquisitor concerning radicalism

Libricars: Stability at any price, Total and constant vigilance

  • Claudia Tarshek: Created the root of the Libricar ideology, Inquisitor of the Ixaniad Sector (Deceased)
  • Drakos Monke: Inquisitor Lord, the first and strongest Libricar in Calixis, Student of Tarshek (Deceased)
  • Constantos Trevelyan: The current possible leader-to-be of the Libricars, leader of the Barsapine Project
  • Erik Ottoman: New introduced Inquisitor, member of the Barsapine Project

Ocularians: The power of divination is the key

  • Katuvve Orne: One of the masters of the Parliament of Whispers, friend of Inquisitor Marr
  • Urai Fen: Rival/interested in the PCs, Diviner psyker
  • Visiona Dileene: Particularly interested in ancient prophecies concerning Calixis

Oblationists: Redemption through Damnation, self-destructive

  • Godella Morn: Inquisitor Lord. Founder of the Oblationist faction (Deceased)
  • Antonia Masmeron: Hunter of the Servants of Twilight
  • Cordul: Obsessed with the Serrated Query (Disappeared)
  • Ixon: Obsessed with the Serrated Query (Disappeared)
  • Nhekalax: Patron of Inquisitor Rzeel
  • Rzeel: Witchhunter, sponsored by Inquisitor Nhekalax
  • “Unknown Inquisitor”: Created the “Oath of Oblation”, created the faction by killing all others (Deceased)

Phaenonites: Dark-Tech, Tech-Heresy, Excommunicate Traitoris, believed long purged

Seculos Attendous: Goes against the Ecclesiarchy

  • Aursa Kine: Former a Ecclesiarchy servant, turned against the Ministorum
  • Lection Sutolius: Subtle worker against the Ecclesiarchy

Polypsykana: Psykers is the key

  • Hettish Kane: Powerful Psyker

Xeno Hybris: Use the Technology & Arts of the Xenos

  • Corpura Raptoron: Mild radical tendencies, focusing on subterfuge
  • Forstav : Using Kroot, possibly working around Malfi
  • Staven Arcturos : Xenos Sympathiser, works with the Eldar

Tyranite Cabal: Concerned with the Tyrant Star “Komus”

  • Anton Zerbe : Lord Inquisitor of the Tyranite Cabal
  • Cassilda Cognos: Founder of the Collegium Tanebrae & Tyranite Cabal (Deceased)
  • Tenebrae Collegium: The Tyranite Cabal’s secret army
  • Ahmazzi: Xanthite, cynical
  • Al-Subaai: Amalathian, Ordo Xenos
  • Astrid Skane: Recongregator
  • Globus Vaarak: Amalathian, Ordo Hereticus
  • Olianthe Rathbone: Oblationist. Unknown Ordo
  • Rykehuss: Monodominant, Which finder
  • Soldevan: Xanthite
  • Van Vuygens: Amalathian, Ordo Xenos
  • Vownus Kaede: Thorian, psyker

162 Inquisitors…

The Calixian Conclave

Tanebrae Ascendant Akernis